Licensed Practical Nurse /Unit Clerk

Company:  CVPH Medical Center
Location: Plattsburgh
Hours: Full Time
Type: Permanent
Job Requirements / Description
The Licensed Practical Nurse provides direct resident care under the direction and supervision of a Registered Professional Nurse, in accordance with the NYS Nurse Practice Act, hospital policies, and the standards set by Nursing Services and the Nursing Practice Council.

Special Criteria Details:
Base salary range of $24.58-$35.64 per hour. This position may be eligible for a sign-on bonus of up to $4,500 and a generous relocation package!

Practices within the boundaries of the NYS Practice Act for Licensed Practical Nurses and provides care according to CVPH (generic & unit-specific) Standards of Care and Practice.

Assists in the assessment of physical, psychological and social dimension of patients under the direction of the Registered Professional Nurse.

Assists in planning, implementation, evaluation and discharge of nursing care to achieve age-specific outcome goals for the patient(s) with various diagnoses under the direction of the Registered Professional Nurse.

Provides nursing care to the patient requiring monitoring/intervention with “Point of Care Testing” (e.g., fingersticks, stool/gastric testing),  patient care devices (e.g., PCA, Gemini, suction apparatus),  input/output tubes/devices (e.g., NG tubes, urinary drains, surgical drains, enteral feeding tubes), and other such devices/treatments.

Documents/communicates nursing care provided to other health care providers through verbal reports and patient record(s) as dictated by policy/ guidelines. Reports to Registered Professional Nurse.   

Provides nursing care through utilization of the applicable technology (e.g. computer, patient lifts).

Performs in crisis/emergency (e.g. code 99, 66) while maintaining a positive/calm approach.

Participates in providing prioritized patient/family education.

Provides nursing care for the patient requiring pain management (surgical, chronic and terminal) according to organization and unit standards.

Provides nursing care to the patient requiring medication administration to include controlled substances within scope of LPN practice; Utilizes the pyxis system as required.

Assists the Registered Nurse providing nursing care for the patient requiring blood/blood product therapy or with central venous catheter.

Provides nursing care for the patient requiring preventive skin care, wound management, pressure ulcer prevention/treatment and stoma care.

Provides nursing care to the patient requiring various respiratory therapy modalities such as oxygen therapy and use of the inspirometer.

Provides nursing care for the patient with a tracheostomy and/or requiring suctioning (nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal, or tracheal).

Provides nursing care for the patient requiring specimens.

Provides nursing care to the patient requiring restraints/ protective/supportive devices, wandering/elopement, seizure and suicide precautions, and the patient on fall protocol.

Demonstrates respect for the diversity of patient population providing comprehensive holistic care for the dying patient, including post mortem care and support of the patient's spirituality.

Provides nursing care within the scope of the LPN to the patient requiring peripheral IV therapy (e.g., continuous, intermittent, IVPB), or solution/medication (e.g.,  TPN, PPN, lipid infusions, medicated drips).

Provides nursing care for the patient requiring procedures/interventions to include lumbar puncture, chest tube insertion, thoracentesis, liver biopsy, bone marrow, etc.

Provides care using infection control practices as outlined in Medical Center policies/procedures (e.g. Universal Standard Precautions and Isolation Techniques).

Advocates for patient rights and demonstrates a working knowledge of Advance Directive practices, organ donation and procurement as evidenced by completion of documentation as outlined by CVPH policy/procedures.

Manages conflict/identifies ethical dilemmas and assists the Registered Nurse in resolving.

Attends annual training on and demonstrates understanding of Resident abuse detection and reporting as required by NYSCRR, including handling or Residents' personal property and belongings.

Attends staff meetings, education programs and care plan meetings and other meetings as required.

Reviews and verifies monthly pharmacy statements. Including patient demographics for pharmacy billing.

Infection prevention surveillance of patient charts.

Under the direction of unit leadership complete audits as necessary.

Will be a member of an inter-disciplinary skin care team.

Assist third party pharmacy with monthly medication exchange.

Maintains and manages records of medication returns to third party pharmacy.

Obtains pre authorizations as needed for medications from insurance companies.

Provides for effective communication on the unit in multiple situations.

Completes process for admission, transfer and discharge of patients per CVPH guidelines.

Transcribes physician’s orders per CVPH guidelines.

Provides patient and staff support through utilization of available technology such as computer programs or fax machines and scanners.

Maintains patient records as per CVPH guidelines and policies.

Demonstrates positive telephone etiquette.

Supports the provision of ancillary support services to assist patients as needed.

Performs role-specific duties using CVPH infection control practices as outlined in policies/procedures/protocols.

Manages the Nurses station / unit per unit / department guidelines. (E.g. obtains supplies; keeps station organized; utilizes MHU legal documents as needed).

Provides general clerical support (i.e. filing, correspondence, statistics; birth info for CWC).

Respect’s patient rights.

Supports fluctuation in patient care needs by floating / overtime when required.

Demonstrates positive telephone etiquette.

Other duties as assigned.

Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing.

Currently licensed as a Licensed Practical Nurse in New York State.

Previous experience preferred.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Ability to work with other healthcare team members.

Meets requirements of physical/pre-placement screening.


As applicable, the individual has training/competency in attending to the special needs and/or behaviors appropriate to the age of patients for which care is being provided.

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