Field Based Metrology Engineer

Company:  The Source
Location: Hinckley
Salary: £30,000 - £48,000 Per Annum
Hours: Full Time
Type: Permanent
Job Requirements / Description
Metrology Engineer (field based) Midlands and North-West Salary Negotiable The Source has an exciting opportunity for you to join a specialist Metrology and Engineering company as a Metrology Engineer. The Company Uses Laser Trackers, Probing/Scan Arms and Multi/Total Station to perform Inspection, Alignment and carry out installation/assembly projects. Measurement projects last from a single day to 5+ years in duration, and typically range from high-end automotive inspection to large volume precision installations with a network volume of 50,000m3 The Candidate The Candidate should be self-motivated, organised, with a positive can-do attitude. A keen eye for detail, hands-on practical skills and the ability to problem solve are vital. There is a strict requirement for at least one year’s experience in portable metrology using laser trackers and measurement arms. It is also a requirement to have at least one years’ experience using one of our two our core software SpatialAnalyzer and Polyworks, however both would be preferable. In addition, other portable metrology software packages are relevant and advantageous also. A proficient level of IT literacy is required, including written/oral presentation and reporting skills. Highly desirable experience in following areas: Building / setting tooling for automotive and aerospace industries GD&T and ability to read technical drawings Familiarity with difference sites from factories to construction related environments International travel experience Dimensional Metrology experience using; White/Blue Light Scanning, Photogrammetry, Terrestrial Laser Scanning, Multi/Total Stations and CMMs CAD expertise Reverse Engineering from point CAD to solid models GD&T and ability to read technical drawings The successful candidate will join an energetic, dynamic, and professional team to deliver the following services: Subcontract Measurement Services using 3 & 6 DoF laser trackers, probing/scan measurement Arms (and other measurement technologies) with SpatialAnalyzer, Polyworks, Metrolog X4 and Delcam PowerINSPECT measurement software. With continued expansion both within the UK and overseas, a candidate possessing the aptitude for business development/sales skills will potentially be able to advance to more senior roles. Working with the Special Projects team to deliver high value mechanical engineering projects which require metrology support in the aerospace, defence, energy and automotive sectors Drawing and Technical specification reviews and Reporting The company operates on a worldwide basis across a wide portfolio of sectors, so the successful candidate will be expected to travel extensively within the UK and overseas. The company has recently re-signed a Framework Contract to supply Alignment and Metrology Support to ITER in Cadarache, France. This will also involve providing support in other Member States of the EU, China, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and USA. The Company invests significantly in development/training – career progression is linked to outstanding performance with senior roles within the UK and Barcelona
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