Supv. Physician (Neurologist)

Company:  Defense Health Agency Civilian Corps, Falls Church, VA
Location: Fort Belvoir
Hours: Full Time
Type: Permanent
Job Requirements / Description
Position is located in the Intrepid Spirit Center, and works in partnership with Military Health System Centers of Excellence, The Defense Intrepid Network, and National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE). 


This position serves as the Medical Director for the Intrepid Spirit Center, Fort Belvoir, VA. 


The Intrepid Spirit Center (ISC) at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital is a unique outpatient interdisciplinary clinic within the Military Health System.  Our targeted patient populations are active duty service members and other eligible beneficiaries diagnosed with traumatic brain injury (mild/moderate/severe), suspected traumatic brain injury (TBI), and co-occurring psychological health (PH) disorders.   


This position is responsible for assisting the ISC Director in program management, strategic planning, operational execution, and effectively coordinating the policies and activities related to the rehabilitation of patients diagnosed with co-occurring PH and TBI at the ISC. The ISC Medical Director sits one position below the ISC Director.

Medical Director for Intrepid Service Center- Oversees clinical, administrative, and research related concerns.


Serves as an advisor to the Deputy Director on all matters relating to clinical operations of the rehabilitation services (physical therapy, speech language pathology, occupational therapy, TBI optometry, and nutrition), behavioral health services (psychology, social work, neuro-psychology, and psychiatry), and medical services (nurse practitioner,neurology and PM&R) of the ISC. Assists in determining the need for improvements and new initiatives in clinical care and research.


Evaluates the quality of professional, research, and administrative work utilizing the quality assurance principles, policies, and regulations mandated by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations and as structured by the appropriate military and local regulations and policies. Oversees, teaches, performs quality assurance reviews, and provides consultation to other health care providers (nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists, etc.). Reviews and analyzes rehabilitation work methods and operational procedures and recommends changes based on findings. Resolves clinical and research problems not covered by precedents or established policies and coordinates work operations within the ISC for matters that may adversely affect other warrior evaluation and treatment planning operations. 


Physician - Serves as a board certified physician examining, assessing and treating patients at the ISC for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury working independently and in accordance with methods and practices of the medical profession and established administrative policies.


Supervises, teaches and provides consultation to a health care team comprised of other physicians, medical professionals and ancillary staff. Assigns and distributes work to subordinates based on priorities, difficulty of assignments and the capabilities of the employees; prepares and submits request for overtime; schedules and approves employee annual, sick and compensatory leave. Develops performance plans and evaluates employees making recommendations for performance awards and recognition. Interviews candidates for subordinate positions; recommends hiring, promotions or reassignments. Receives complaints and grievances, counsels employees, resolve problems and keeps the supervisor informed on complex and/or sensitive issues; researches, formulates and takes disciplinary measures such as warnings and reprimands. Identifies developmental and training needs of employees; provides and/or arranges for needed development and trainings.

Candidate "MUST" be Board certified.


Candidate "MUST" have at least two years of experience within the last five years treating TBI patients in a multidisciplinary setting.


Candidate “MUST” have supervisory or managerial experience.

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