Operational Co-Generation Engineer I

Company:  University of Massachusetts Medical School
Location: Worcester
Hours: Full Time
Type: Permanent
Job Requirements / Description

Under the general supervision of the Director or designee, the Operational Co-Generation Engineer I operates the boilers, turbine generators, turbomotor compressors and all related auxiliaries of the Co-Generation Facility.




Responsible for the production of steam, power, electrical power and refrigeration

Perform repairs to mechanical, electrical and distribution systems

Operates all high pressure steam boilers with superheaters, economizes and auxiliary equipment.

Operates all steam turbine generators, condensers, condensing water pumps and other related auxiliaries, synchronizing the generators when necessary, synchronizing Mass Electric’s cables with the generator when necessary. Logs observations.  Performs minor electrical functions (changes fuses, bulbs, checks circuit breakers) etc.

Observes power demand and consumption making required adjustments for power factor correction, frequency and voltage. 

Operates four (4) electrical power systems, namely, the Uninterrupted Power System (UPS),  the normal 13,800 volts power distribution system from the utility company, the Emergency Power System from the standby diesel generator.

Operates all centrifugal compressors, motors, condensing steam turbine-driven, condensing water pumps and other related auxiliaries.  Logs observations.                                                                                    

Operates a large cooling tower and fans serving the turbine and refrigeration systems.

Performs preventive maintenance, cleaning and repair of all power plant equipment and instrumentation.

Ability to take readings on all Power Plant Equipment.

While in the performance of routine duties; may be required, as needed to perform all work associated with all maintenance trades of an equal or lower graded classification; where the work or task does not require a specific license.

Perform other duties as required.



Must hold a Massachusetts Third Class or higher grade Stationary Engineer’s License.

Minimum 2 years experience in modern power plant. 

Possess the theory and application of good safety practices around high pressure, high voltage systems (13,800 volts), and rotating equipment.

Possess the theory, application, and experience in the operation and maintenance of refrigeration and condensing steam turbine-driven centrifugals, compressors, evaporators, condensers, and related equipment.

Possess theory, application and experience in the operation of  large condensing, extracting steam turbo-electric generating equipment, and related auxiliaries.  

Possess the theory, application and experience of large high pressure boilers equipped with superheaters, economizers dual fuel systems, pneumatic combustion controls and flame scanners.



Under the general supervision of the Director or designee



Exercise functional supervision over trade’s people for assigned projects or tasks.



May perform work in all Medical Center facilities and is subject to possible exposure to chemicals, gases, electrical shock; may work in confined spaces on ladders. Ability to perform physically arduous tasks; normal dexterity, visual acuity, ability to lift up to 50 lbs., ability to climb and work from ladders and scaffolding, and work in confined areas

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