Architectural Senior Project Manager

Company:  University of Massachusetts Medical School
Location: Worcester
Hours: Full Time
Type: Permanent
Job Requirements / Description

Under the general direction of the Senior Director or designee, the Senior Architectural Project Manager is responsible for the management and general supervision of the Architectural Project Management Group and the architectural design of infrastructure and capital projects at the University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School Campus and/or Off-site Facilities.






Lead the Architectural Project Management Group consisting of architectural project managers/designers in providing planning, design, contracting and construction management. Assign workload, monitor performance, and provide employee performance reports. Direct, assist and provide technical supervision to facilities engineering staff

Provide coordination with Department of Public Safety and local City Building Inspectors. Coordinate with the Massachusetts Department of Capital Asset Management on all building and infrastructure initiatives, contracts and projects. Work closely with the Designer Selection Committee to select and contract with architect-engineer firms providing design services

Oversee architectural design projects including construction management, contracting, contractor selection, inspection, acceptance, change order management and contract close out

Responsible for overseeing engineering, design, and construction of Medical Center projects including the direct supervision of staff Engineers and the general direction of outside consultants

Oversee quality standards, code interpretations and other areas of professional responsibility

Responsible to act as the Project Designer for the Medical Center projects, as defined by MGL Chapter 7-38A ½, and to affix a Massachusetts Seal of Registration as required by the Massachusetts State Building Code

Responsible for overseeing capital improvement projects, review and approve studies, design plans, specifications, cost estimates, and schedules

Responsible for analyzing, confirming, and modifying project scope, budgets, and schedules

Responsible for the management and tracking of outside projects and facility operations pertaining to the Division of Capital Asset Management

Maximize staff output by coordinating available personnel with current workload

Supervise the development and maintenance of various databases, mechanical standards, and specifications

Synthesize interdependent elements, develop strategies, recommend alternatives, and implement action plans for routine and unanticipated Medical Center projects and studies

Set departmental goals and defines organizational structure; interview, select, orient, train, and provide overall supervision to assigned personnel; review and evaluate personnel performance

Develop, recommend, and implement departmental operating policies, systems, and procedures

Maintain effective working relationship with associates, department heads, administrators and the general public

Keep abreast of current trends and developments in the field, attend seminars and job conferences, read technical and trade journals, participate in activities of professional associations

Perform other duties as required.



Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering, or equivalent experience

Current registration as a Professional Engineer/Architect in the State of Massachusetts

15 years experience including 10 years experience in Architectural Design, and 5 years of experience in managing a staff of Architectural Project Engineers

Must possess interpersonal skills to effectively communicate, lead, and interact with all levels of Medical School personnel and outside contractors and consultants

Working knowledge of computers, CAD system, and engineering management software to effectively produce design, construction documents, specifications, and schedules

Must have the analytical ability required to manage mechanical Facilities projects from conceptualization through implementation, consistent with defined objects and approved budgets, but with discretion in determining the methods to be used

Working knowledge of building codes and environmental and safety regulations

Ability to travel to off-site locations.                                                      

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